What I’m Listening To: Veara – What We Left Behind

Written By Simon Chisholm

What We Left Behind’ is, in essence, an ode to all the negativity the members encountered in their hometown in Augusta, Georgia. Every track has a bitter feeling. The groups Sophomore effort explodes from your speakers.

The songs are fast paced pop-punk pump up music that will have you wanting to jump around. In keeping within the pop punk genre, the choruses are catchy, the rhythms are ‘dance-able’ and the tempos are fast and up beat. The vocals in classic pop punk style, heard easily in the phrasing and cadences. The themes covered by the lyrical content include bitterness, encouragement, honesty, selling out and fakers.

One aspect worth mentioning are the drums. They are huge. Brittany is a percussive powerhouse. I saw Veara when they came out for Soundwave (Feb 2010) and she blew everyone else away. While they are classic pop punk fun grooves, they also have a sense of intensity you feel in your gut.

The tracks are crafted nicely, with contrasting sections aiding to the ebb and flow of the lyrical content. The contrasting sections promote interest through chord and rhythm changes. You really feel the movement within a track when the rhythms change throughout. On the negative side, each of the songs sound very much like a part of each other, giving the album an abstract sound.

At times the singer pronounces some words a little funny. It works, but causes a kind of dissonance. He probably does this to fit the flow of the lyrics and rhymes. Look out for the opening line and the word ‘Frivolous’ in the opening track.

My B-Side Life

Veara are:
Bradley Wyrosdick – Vocals
Patrick Bambrick – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Kerr – Bass, Vocals
Brittany Harrell – Drums

Released by Epitaph in 2010. Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade.

What I’m Listening To: Veara – What We Left Behind


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