What I’m Listening To: Easton – H&H

Written By Simon Chisholm

Easton is a band made up of a group of friends. It’s a project that is ongoing, a fun interim between the busy lives of it’s members. ‘H & H’ was released independently in the US summer of 2010. I was drawn in to this band by Elliot James, a former member of ‘Hey Monday’. This is a collaboration of five talented and passionate guys doing what they love, and loving what they do.

The first interesting thing about this E.P. is in the title, ‘H & H’. Looking at the track listing we notice that there is two tracks entitled ‘H’. As dramatic, film inspired instrumentals (an introduction and an interlude) the ‘H’s act like bookends, separating the tracks and also cleansing the ‘auditory pallet’. This interesting concept lends the song titles to the name of the E.P. ‘H & H’. An interesting concept.

The production and engineering on this release is fantastic. All of the elements are full sounding and strong. The songs have been crafted to allow each member to show skill. Each instrument plays interesting parts that compliment each other and contribute to a thick, full, busy and moving texture.

I love the drums sound, it is sharp and full. They manage to fill up a lot of the texture. They are very busy, playing beats that utilise most of the kit and smashing out copious amounts of fills. Elliot’s drumming is most definitely the backbone of the tracks.

The bass is strong and powerful, supporting the groove supplied by the keys. The keys and synthesisers add a lot of ornamentation, and flits in and around the other instrumentation without getting in the way.

All of the tracks are likable and are an enjoyable listen. The songs are high energy and fast moving, with a sense of urgency in the vocal style. The boys make use of interesting rhythms and grooves, creating catchy hooks and danceable anthems. There is constant movement in the harmonic change, using altered riffs and passing notes. There is some evidence of experimentation with sounds and electronics in ‘H(1)’ and ‘H(2)’

The acoustic and bonus tracks are a nice inclusion, filling out the E.P. and adding interest and highlights to the dynamics of the band. The B-Side ‘Bittersweet’ is a track that contrasts to the rest of the songs. It features a number of vocalists, who I assume are all of the band members and possible guests.

Easton are:

Elliot James, Marc Ryan, Chris Martin, Skyler Mondell with help from Jeremy Michaels

Released Independently in 2010. Produced by Easton and Co-Produced by Matt Laplant.

Get H&H here: http://easton.bandcamp.com/

What I’m Listening To: Easton – H&H


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