What I’m Listening To: Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life

Written By Simon Chisholm

‘My Dinosaur Life’ is Motion City Soundtrack’s fourth album, and the first released on major label Columbia. My first MCS experience was back when Mark Hoppus was doing his ‘Hi My Name Is Mark’ podcast. In one of the first podcasts he played a MSC song. After that, it was not until Soundwave 2008, where their set kept me pleasantly entertained while waiting for Alexisonfire, that they made an impression, a big impression, and this release has made me very happy.

‘My Dinosaur Life’ stays true to classic Motion City Soundtrack. In terms of the vocal, I feel that Pierre’s vocals are unique and give that signature MCS sound. He delivers his lyrics with intensity, singing in an easy, flowing melodic contour with the occasional shriek. The melodies are very catchy, and ‘jumpy’, due to the swing in rhythms.

‘My Dinosaur Life’ is up-beat pop-punk with a dark approach to lyrical content. The boys have delivered a classic pop-punk sound with a coarse edge lending a feeling of animosity. The lyrics deliver verses of inner turmoil, owning up to wrongs committed, and generally ‘talking’ through personal issues. Many of the songs tend to tell a story, beginning with a complication and working through a resolution and self-realisations.

I like the chorus in ‘Pulp Fiction’, it is not a single hook, rather a long description with no repetition as is traditional in pop choruses.

Instrumentally, MCS have stuck to the music visions previously established in previous releases. By that I’m talking about thumping guitars, heavy crunch guitar tones, pop-punk bass grooves, and fun and up-beat drum lines. All of the instrumentation has a crunchy intensity, even the vocals have an angry crunch. At times it sounds as though the band is simply jamming while the tape is recording, which has you dancing away think ‘This is fun!’

‘My Dinosaur Life’ is a great way to spend 40 minutes, you’ll come away feeling much more content with life, and wanting to hit the ‘Play’ button again.

Motion City Soundtrack is:

Justin Pierre – Vocals, guitar

Joshua Cain – Guitar, vocals

Jesse Johnson – Synth, keys

Matthew Taylor – Bass, vocals

Tony Thaxton – Drums, vocals

‘My Dinosaur Life’ released Jan 2010 by Columbia Records. Produced by Mark Hoppus.

What I’m Listening To: Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life


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