What I’m Listening To: Anarbor – The Words You Don’t Swallow

Written By Simon Chisholm

Anarbor’s debut album is a collection of high-energy rock and roll tracks. This album is a fun listen from start to finish and will leave you feeling as though you just attended the party of the year. I believe ‘The Words You Don’t Swallow’ lives up to the hype and delivers on the potential offered by 2009’s ‘Free Your Mind’ E.P.

This release is infested with a slew of catchy hooks in both the vocals and guitar riffs. The easy melodies just make the whole thing infectious.

The foundations of the tracks are in the grooves, established by a combination of the drums, bass and guitar riffs. Every song has a fun groove, executed with ease. You can imagine the enjoyment of the band playing these tracks. I feel that during the writing process the boys took an approach where they aimed for what felt right, and these boys are all about the music, and love to groove. 

Anarbor have stuck to a simple rock band format; Overdrive Guitars, Electric Bass, Drum Kit, and Vocals. Even so, the band has managed to create a thick texture, through use of riffs, bass grooves and skill. This simplified approach to instrumentation gives the tracks room to breath, and causes the tracks to stand out in the stormy seas of contemporary music.

The drums occupy a large space in the mix, supplying a powerful percussive presence. These drum lines will have you toe tapping and air drumming in no time at all.

Notable tracks include; ‘Cantagious’; ‘Drugstore Diet’; ‘Gypsy Woman’; ‘Going To Jail’; ‘Carefree Highway’; ‘This Can’t Be Healthy’; and ‘Useless’.

After the release of this album, Anarbor released a Mixtape of remixed, tracks and covers. This free download will give you a taste of what these boys are about. If the opening remix of ‘Contagious’ doesn’t have you hooked, this isn’t for you. <http://anarbor.net/mixtape/&gt;

Anarbor is:

Slade Echeverria – Vocals, Bass

Mike Kitlas – Guitar, Vocals

Adam Juwig – Guitar, Vocals

Greg Garrity – Drums, Vocals

‘The Words You Don’t Swallow’ released April 2010 by Hopeless Records. Produced by Mike Green.

What I’m Listening To: Anarbor – The Words You Don’t Swallow


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