What I’m Listening To: A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You

Written By Simon Chisholm

A Day To Remember seemed to come out of nowhere with their release ‘Homesick’ back in 2009, shaking the world to it’s core with their blend of pop punk and hardcore. Their follow-up LP ‘What Separates Me From You’ is a continuation of the journey that began with ‘Homesick’. The album peaked on the ARIA charts at number 24. The album received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, all that matters is what the individual thinks, so let’s see ‘What Separates Me From You’.Rob Dobi

‘Homesick’ is one of those albums that makes a very definite mark on your life, it is no doubt a very hard task to produce a follow-up that competes and compliments. ‘What Separates Me From You’ is one of those albums that take a few listens to grow on you, unlike ‘Homesick’, which was instantly lovable. This release shows a slight progression from the previous, seemingly populating a full-length album with left over songs from previous recording sessions. They are new songs, and they are different in slight ways, but are not that easy to digest right away.

Point: After a few listens this album is very likable. You just need to get over the influence of ‘Homesick’. Appreciate the old, embrace the new.

The whole album has a full, thick texture, making use of classic layering techniques. A main slab of the mix is populated by the guitars and vocals, while the bass fills out the low end and the drums fill in the rest.

The band has continued with its trademark mixture of pop and hardcore elements, a formula that has been successful in the past and continues with this release. The most clear elements of each mixed genre are the catchy, poppy choruses, hardcore breakdowns, pop-punk drum beats, down-tuned muted guitars, pop chord progressions and throaty screamed vocals.


Jeremy McKinnon’s vocals fill a large part of the bands sound. His throaty scream is a signature sound for A Day To Remember. His voice has a naturally thick texture that adds to it’s intense quality. The vocals lines roll with a natural flow. The rhythms follow the instrumentation and include some great rhymes. The lyrics focus of subjects including: hate, resentment, nostalgia, relationships,  and encouragement.

The guitars boast a fat tone. They are distorted to a degree that they are crunchy, but not so much that the tonality is lost. They have clear highs and heavy lows.

The drums are clear and sharp, providing a solid rhythmic base for the rest of the instrumentation. The rhythms are up beat to get you moving. The cymbals are not lost in the mix.

Notable tracks include: ‘Its Complicated’, ‘Better Off This Way’, ‘All I Want,’ ‘Out Of Time’, ‘All Signs Point To Lauderdale’, ‘This Is The House That Doubt Built’.

If you are a fan of A Day To Remember, do check this out, and if you don’t like it right away give it another chance, it will grow on you.

A Day To Remember are:

Jeremy McKinnon – Vocals

Alex Shelnutt – Drums

Kevin Skaff – Lead guitar, Backing Vocals

Neil Westfall – Guitar

Joshua Woodard – Bass

Produced by Chad Gilbert. Co-Produced by Andrew Wade and Jeremy McKinnon.

Released by Victory Records in 2010

What I’m Listening To: A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You


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