The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex (Feat. Akon)

Written By Simon Chisholm

Hip-Hop comedy group ‘The Lonely Island’ released ‘I Just Had Sex’ towards the close of 2010. The song’s video was released on YouTube and has since accumulated almost 71 Million views. In Australia, the song peaked at number 10 on the Aria Chart.


No doubt the success of this track lies in the humour. No matter your demographic, sex is funny, and it’s funny to brag about it. The fact that this song (and video) are not even remotely PC (as well as other The Lonely Island productions) also adds to the humour and to the appeal.

For me the humour lies in the fact that the production and arrangement is of the highest quality. No short cuts were taken in the production and it is apparent that all parties involved treated the concept and process with the highest respect deserved by any hit song. If it weren’t for the ludicrous lyrical content, no doubt the song would still be a chart hit.

You can see it here.

Take out the lyrical content and you’ve got yourself a serious, well produced, sure-to-be-a-hit R’N’B track. From the solid backbeat, the heavy bass, vocal rhythm, annunciation, catchy hook, right down to the key change in the final chorus. The tone is backed by the seriousness of featured artist Akon. Seen as a professional, respected, musician it’s a shock to see him in something comedic (I quite like ‘Sorry, Blame It On Me). The professional quality is backed up by the high budget video.

My favourite part? The line “This one is dedicated to them girls who let us flop around on top of them”.

The Lonely Island are expected to release their second album in Autumn of 2011.

Lonely Island are:

Andy Samberg

Akiva Schaffer

Jorma Taccone

Released December 2010. Produced by DJ Frank E.

The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex (Feat. Akon)


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