Come Back To Earth – Come Back To Earth E.P.

Written By Simon Chisholm

Local southern Sydney band ‘Come Back To Earth’ are blasting their way into the synth pop scene with their upbeat and catchy tunes. This debut E.P. shows the beginnings of a lucrative assault on the electro-pop/ disco rock music scene.

These four tracks will have you dancing and singing along. The up-beat drums will have your feet tapping and the catchy hooks will have you singing along with such gusto that you may  have no voice in the morning.

While the dancing drums move the your feet, the bass sawtooth synthesizer will send chills down your dance spine. The typical disco pop harmonic progressions make for a feel good time. We notice the lead synth filling in gaps in the vocal line, also at times adding another melodic layer to the texture, keeping interest in the melody. The guitars sit in the groove, jiving to the beat and filling out the sonic sound scape created by the synthesisers. The vocals in these songs are treated as another instrument, other than a device for delivering words. You hear Luke wailing and chanting.

               Glen Edwards Photography

The aim for these songs seems to be dance club anthems. I believe these boys have achieved that aim. I picture this band performing on a small stage in a dark room with drunken, sweaty punters having the times of their lives dancing around the room.

The overall quality and production of this E.P. is above the bar, if only slightly. This is the only negative that I notice. While I listen I notice that most of the dynamic range has been compressed into oblivion and at times all the instrumentation occupy the same frequencies.

In summing, as a debut independent release, ‘Come Back To Earth’ have started light years ahead of their peers. When I listen to this CD I can’t stop thinking about dancing punters and just how much potential these boys have. Keep your eyes peeled.

On a side note, check out the wacky drum set up. Someone please tell me about the angle of the snare drum. I’m curious.

Come Back To Earth are:

Luke O’Hare – Vocals, synthesiser

Henry Bazil Bidwell – Keys. Synthesiser

Reagan Rolff – Guitars, Vocals

Matt Butler – Drums

Released independently in 2011. Produced by Come Back To Earth and Dan Nash.

Come Back To Earth – Come Back To Earth E.P.


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