Hey Monday – Beneath It All

Written By Simon Chisholm

Pop-punk young guns Hey Monday followed up their debut album ‘Hold On Tight’ with six song (7 including iTunes bonus track) E.P ‘Beneath It All’. I’ve got a real soft spot for pop music, and am a big fan of the genre dubbed pop-punk. Hey Monday is an indulgence. This E.P. is produced by a slew of pop-punk heavy weights, including Butch Walker and S*A*M and Sluggo. This release made it on to my favourites list with the very first listen.

Hey Monday Beneath It All Album Cover. Brian Manley

With this style of music we aren’t listening for technical ability. We want catchy hooks, upbeat grooves and a dancing good time. ‘Beneath It All’ delivers. We’ve got thumping power chords and upbeat rhythms accompanying catchy melodies and memorable hooks. These songs are a writing advancement from the ‘Hold On Tight’ days. Cassadee’s song writing chops have developed well over the last few years.

We also notice Cassadee pushing to challenge her vocal range and styling. Where ‘Hold On Tight’ was boring at times, ‘Beneath It All’ keeps you interested from start to finish.

After this release, bassists Jersey Moriarty left the band. While he is no longer a part of this pop outfit, he has left a big mark on the scene, showing off some of his best playing yet. This is the kind of bass playing I like to hear on pop and punk songs. It keeps the low end interesting and the overall feel of the songs moving along.

Stacey Jones (of American Hi-Fi) takes on the percussive duties. While not the kind of inventiveness of previous band member Elliot James, they still work. The up-beat rhythms really compliment the other layers of the sound.

This release boasts such a large pop-punk sound I have to listen to it a few times to get my fix, it’s just not long enough!

If you’re a stickler for pop music, definitely check out Hey Monday.

Abbey Drucker

Hey Monday are:

Cassadee Pope: Vocals

Mike Gentile: Guitar

Alex Lipshaw: Guitar

Michael ‘Jersey’ Moriarty: Bass

‘Beneath It All’ released 2010 by Sony Music Entertainment/ Columbia Records/ Decaydance.

Hey Monday – Beneath It All


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