Azlock – This Is How You Raised Us

Written By Simon Chisholm

Local alternative outfit Azlock released their much-anticipated second E.P. on February 12. This hardworking band released the E.P. fully independently, the band paid for the recording, mixing, mastering, artwork and manufacture out of their own pockets; not cheap in any way. Kudos.

Photo art by Chris Elder

Let me begin by saying that this hardcore style of music is not my preferred taste. Azlock do, however, have a quality to their songs that appeals. I’d say it stems from the diverse influences of each band member which ranges from hip-hop, pop, punk, metal, hardcore, emo, rock and dance.

The four songs show a progression from their debut E.P. ‘No Reflections’. Each of the boys has improved in their playing and utilisation of their instruments since the previous release.

The songs boast some intense riffage, executed with precise articulation. One of the aspects that set Azlock apart from some of the other hardcore influenced bands around is their creative use of rhythm. None of that boring chugga chugga for 20 solid minutes. These songs make use of a wide harmonic range, adding a flare of creativity that drives the audience crazy.

The layered guitars, making use of riffs, rhythm sections as well as lead passages make for a very thick texture. Along with the intensely rhythmic drum parts, accurately mimicking the tone and groove of the guitars, add some thundering bass lines, and screaming vocals, and you’ve got yourself a full spectrum sonic attack on the senses.

Lyrically, the songs are full of angst. We get a hint of self-determination, partying hard, broken homes, and a generally bleak outlook on life…probably where the appeal to teenagers comes from.

Best listened to with speakers with good bass frequency response.

Listen here:

Azlock are:

Sean Blake – Bass

Thomas Ellercamp – Drums

Sean Gynn – Guitar

Daniel Sandri – Guitar

Tim Scott – Vocals

Azlock – This Is How You Raised Us


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