How bad is your hearing?




I can barely hear 16kHz. Not the most comforting thing as a sound guy, but whatever. I make it work!


I got all the way to 17KhZ. I could hear 18 click on but NOT actually hear it. Kids this is why I wear ear plugs every night during the shows/soundcheck/standing on or near stage. Like I always say. I’m trying to hear my grand kids speak some day.

I’m sure I won’t be able to hear 17KhZ for much longer! Might be time to invest in molded filters…


the loudest one i can hear is 12. i am fucked. seriously, just had two of my interns SWEAR to me that they could hear the next few because i couldn’t believe it. i always knew it was bad, didn’t realize it was this bad. time to see a doctor…

oh man.. this is a drag. only got to 14 and, even then, had to get close to my laptop.

I can hear up to 17! I thought my hearing was so much worse. How is that even possible? Stoked.

Thought I’d get better, had to turn up the volume on my studio grade monitors to hear 17K! And I try to look after my hearing! Ear plugs more often.

How bad is your hearing?